Trail Ready Checks and Post Season Checks-

We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to make sure it is prepared for four wheeling and daily driving as well as inspect post season to make sure that your vehicle will be safe to drive in the off season and to be sure you haven’t damaged any parts while you were playing and having fun.

Suspension Lift- installation and even de-lifting

*Boise 4×4 offers installations on all makes and models. Each suspension installation comes with a 500-mile courtesy inspection.

Ring and Pinion- gear ratio changes for tire size

Lockers- installation of lunchbox (automatic locker) or selectable style (air or electric)

U-joints and Drive Shafts- repair and upgrade

Brakes- overhauls and upgrades

Locking Hub- installation and maintenance

Custom Fabrication- Cages, Frame modifications, Bumpers, Dash panels, Tube bending, etc.

We offer the highest level of customer service and installation. Our team uses high quality replacement parts to make sure your worn or damaged items are upgraded right the first time.